Apple's Mysterious Time 9:41

Apple's Mysterious Time 9:41

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Take a good look at the picture above, there is something common between all of them.

Did you see it?

Take another good look at the picture, it’s an iPhone 5 running iOS 7, but there something weird in common between all of them.

Did your eyes caught it?

It’s the time, 9:41!!!

It’s the number that apple love, go to Apple’s website and take a look at all of apple’s iOS devices, and apple’s OS X devices you will notice that the time is always set on 9:41 but why?

The answer is bcuz apple pay attention to everything in their keynotes, down to every single detail, no matter how small it is.

So when the big announcement come, it usually comes after 40 minuets.

And this time is so fu*king close to the actual time of the keynote, so when the journalist see it, it’s always the same time on the screen of apple’s devices.

This thing show you how much Apple pay attention to all the details in everything they do.

Source: Dan Nosowitz’s article FAST COMPANY