The Art of Bug Fixes!

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Every app have bugs, and every bug have a fix, and in the AppStore bug fixes are nothing new.

The problem is, bug fixes update are kinda annoying, bcuz I’m sure you get excited to see your favorite app getting an update, only to be disappointed at the end when it’s only bug fixes.

This happens to me all the time, since I have a lot of apps on my iPhone and iPad, and no, the solution is not to turn on auto update, bcuz at the same time some update could be corrupted due to a coding problem, and there’s no way to go back to a previous version of the app.

So what’s the solution? Little bit of humor, that’s all. A lot of app developers have put joke into their update description, and some gave the app it’s own unique personality, making update description more fun to read.

So what apps are these?

Let’s start with [PocketCast][1]:

PocketCast is my favorite app to listen to podcast, I use it every single day, and there’s no other apps out there that could be even close to how beautiful PocketCast is

PocketCast have a minimal UI with a lot of great features from syncing to auto download, so you don’t have to. And what makes this app even more awesome, is that the developers behind it at shifty jelly put a lot of jokes and humor into their app description and here’s few:

Version 4.4: Every now and again, we stop swimming in our money pools and come out to see what it is that you, common folk are asking for, like a lottery, we occasionally pick a feature that the peasants want, to keep peace while we burn hundred dollar bills for warmth (fifties just aren’t as warm, you will have to take our word for that)

Version 4.3.2: Sooooo turns out you fine people don’t like seeing the same episode twice? You call yourself a podcast lovers! I laugh in your general direction!

Version 4.3.1: IBTWTTF Release. What, you don’t know what that stand for? Why: Itty Bitty Teency Weency Teeny Tiny Fixes of course.

And the list go on and on.


Spotify is my music streaming service of choice, bcuz it have everything I need from the songs that I want to listen to, to the features that make my music listening experience more enjoyable. And they do have the same humor when it comes to bug fixes update:

Version 0.9.2: Fictitious: This app like twerking in libraries.

Version 0.9.0: Fixed: many bugs conquered. Fictitious: This’s app shot the sheriff.

Version 0.8.0: Fictitious: this app cries at wedding.

[CARROT To-Do][3]:

Carrot is a todo list app with personality, that’s how her creator wanted her to be. Carrot helps you get things done…or maybe force you to get things done, believe me, try the app and you will know what I’m talking about.

Version 4.1.2: My idiot maker let a few bug slip through in the last release. Don’t worry, I will deal with him – and his little dog, too.

Version 4.1.1: Although this is only a minor update, I’m making this a paid upgrade. Cost: your soul. By tapping the update button, you have thereby agreed to transfer one should to me.

Version 3.0.1: Bug fixes. Blame my smelly maker for this travesty!

You can also download [Carrot Alarm][4] to wake you up in the morning, and [Carrot fit][5] to lose weight and according to it’s developer, this app is a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a grade A specimen of the human race. She will do what ever it takes – including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and bribing you – to make this happen.

So here you go guys, apps that make bug fixes suck less, it’s really not hard to do this, and I wish all developers try and add humor and jokes into their app update description.

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