Beats Music, Claim your name!

Beats Music, Claim your name!

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Beats Music is almost here, and it’s ready to compete with Spotify, Rdio, Google Music, and others with its brand new Music Streaming service.

Starting today you can visit Beats Music website and claim your username, according to Ian Rogers Beats CEO, Beats Music will be ready to lunch in January 2014.

Beats Music is not the only service coming to the US this year, Deezer the music streaming service based in Paris, is coming also in 2014 to the US.

Spotify and Rdio and Google Music, are the same, same subscription, same coast, same music, maybe a bit difference in the features they provide to customers, different design, and Exclusive Artists, and strong apps for all platforms.

This will make the competition between all the music streaming service stronger, specially with Spotify

    • *I’m a Spotify user my self, and i don’t think I will change, but I know I will try Beats Music, and see what’s good and bad about it.

2014 and is going to be a big year for the music streaming business, let’s see what is going to happen.