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I recently purchased Editorial, A Powerful Markdown Editing and Workflow Automation App for iPad!

And when the developer say powerful, he really mean powerful.

Editorial have a lot of cool features, features that makes writing and editing more fun and easy.

I didn’t buy the app until I did a lot of research on what the app can do, why would I need it, and why would I change my main writing app on my iPad from Byword to Editorial, and of course I ended my research whe

n I emailed the developer asking him if there’s an iPhone version of the app under development.

So the main thing about Editorial is that it’s smooth, really fast, and this is one of the main things that i like about it.

And I like how I can just slide my finger on the extra row on the keyboard and the curser moves between words smoothly.

And of course the last but not least thing that I like about Editorial is workflow, and to be honest It was the main thing that made me do the purchase e of this amazing app.

Workflow is a powerful feature that lets you automate your work, it’s like making the app do things for you while you sit back and enjoy your coffee … Well it takes a second but you know what I mean.

Actually I didn’t understand it first, and that’s when I asked Google for help, and I came across the best 3 articles out there that explains Editorial better than I can.

appstorm Editorial review by James Cull #

It’s probably worth noting first off that Editorial is developed by the same genius as Pythonista — an app we’ve covered extensively through Zach’s excellent weekly tutorials. And what’s great is that he’s married these two great applications into one — you can think of Editorial as a Markdown editor with some Pythonista automation thrown in for good measure. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Pythonista, though, as the app is incredibly simple to use (and if you don’t, now’s a great time to start learning!)

If you have no idea what is editorial and you wanna learn a little bit more about it, then the best place for you is appstorm, James Cull wrote a great review of the app.

He talks about the app in general, all the features that it have, and all the options and the things you can do with it.

He also gave the app 10/10 score which is great, bcuz I would also give the app 10 points for being awesome and for having all these amazing features.

MacStories Editorial Review by Federico Viticci #

Before I get to the details, allow me to offer some backstory to properly contextualize Editorial and the process that led me to its launch today. I have been testing Editorial for the past eight months (since late November 2012, when I received the first beta build), and I’ve seen the app go through numerous iterations and changes. At one point I wasn’t even sure Editorial would come out anymore. Editorial has become the essential part of my iOS workflow, and it only seems fair to have a proper introduction.

For those of you who don’t know who is Viticci, he’s an Italian news writer, he’s the founder and Editor-in-chief of Macstories and the co-host of The Prompt Podcast on 5by5 network

He worked hard on testing Editorial, he actually worked for eight months testing the app and two weeks to wright his own review of the app which is awesome.

And he didn’t stop there but he actually took it a step further and published his first book on the iBookstore about Editorial, and it’s called: Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial

Viticci’s review dive in deeper and deeper inside the app, he explains all the things you want to know about the app, and he test a lot of things so you don’t have to.

Actually if you visit Editorial’s workflow site you will see that most of the popular workflows was created by him, which is amazing.

Macdrifter Editorial tutorial by Gabe Weatherhead #

Then came Editorial….

Ole Zorn, the creator of Pythonista, already had my respect and admiration for creating one of my favorite Python development tools. Then one day he invited me to test an “idea”.1 From the start, I knew that Editorial was something special. Ole has an incredible design sense. He’s a master craftsman and the attention to detail in Editorial, even at that early stage, was jaw-dropping. There are ideas in Editorial I have never seen in another iOS app.2

To be honest I don’t know a lot about game, but what I know is that I really enjoyed his article about Editorial.

He took his review/tutorial a step further and recorded couples of videos that you can find in his article to help explain the app and teach you how to use it.

So if you wanna take your writing skills a step further with Editorial, make sure to read his article and watch his videos bcuz it’s really good.

    • *I wrote this article in 

Editorial, and it’s something that I enjoyed doing, bcuz it’s way more easy to do, specially if you are using markdown, the workflow is really simple and fun to use.

There’s a point where you just can’t imagine that such an app exist, an app that could make writing more fun and easy, I’m trying my best to take advantage of Editorial’s great features, but to be honest there’s a lot of them, and I’m barley touching the surface of it.

Workflows I used while writing and editing this article #

  1. Wrap Multiple Selections
  2. Link Multiple Selections
  3. Preserve Line Breaks
  4. Get App Price
  5. Post with Poster