Cache cleaning in iOS devices!

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I’m not sure why not a lot of people talk about this but I’m pretty sure there’s people out there who need this feature from Apple as much as I do.

Clearing cache is a feature available inside apps in all platforms and it helps you free up space in your hard disk.

And it’s really an important feature for iOS users since there’s no SD card slot in any iOS device.

So why Apple won’t apply this feature to it’s iOS operating system?

If you are an OSX user then I’m sure that you are familiar with the app Clean My Mac, it’s one of those apps that if you start using it then you can’t stop.

It’s main job is to free up space on your Mac hard disk even though it’s so easy to replace the hard disk with a bigger one, but still people like to use this app Bcuz it’s easy to use, looks gourgues, and gets the job done in few seconds.

If you are a Windows user well you are in luck Bcuz Clean My Windows is here to help you, brought to you by the same people who made Clean My Mac, and it does exactly the same amazing job.

On android there’s so many options available or you to free up space on your android device and the main one is to use the built in option available on your android device to clean cache.

So why the hell iOS users doesn’t have that feature yet?

And why doesn’t all app developers but this feature inside their app?

Bcuz if you looked at let’s say all the apps made by the company iPont like FlickStacker StackrCloud, StackerGram they all have the option to clear images cache, also Padgram an Instagram client for your iPhone and iPad it also have an option to clear images cache.

If you are an app developer and you are reading this, please implement this in your app, and thank you in advance.

If you wanna do a trick to clear your cache in your iOS devices well there’s a couple of ways to do that like:

  1. Delete the app: I’m serious, if you wanna delete cache you might wanna delete the app and reinstall it again, and in some cases this mean logging in again to that app and re configure it all over again.
  2. Backup your iOS device and reinstall iOS all over again.
  3. And another way is to install an app on your computer like I-Fun-Box and access the app that you wanna delete it’s cache and then tap on the cache folder and delete it, but I would recommend doing this bcuz it might cause the app to crash.

So what does this mean?

It means that there’s no clear and clean way to free up space in your iOS devices, or an easy way to clear up caches.

I do believe a lot of people have this problem, specially people who have old iPhone or iPad, clearing caches could solve a lot of problems like apps that crashes all the time, and speeding up the device even just a little bit.

I really think that someone should do something about this and solve this problem, bcuz the solution exist already and it’s available inside some apps, so developers should bring this tiny feature that could make it easier for people to free up space in their iOS devices.