CloudUp a Droplr Alternative from Automattic

CloudUp a Droplr Alternative from Automattic

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Automattic the mother company behind WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world has Acquired and Re-Lunched a file sharing cloud service by the name of CloudUp.

CloudUp is a cloud files sharing service that focus on making sharing files and links fast and easy, with it’s beautiful user interface and simplicity. It gives you the option to upload and share pictures, videos, songs, documents, and even codes.

If you are already familiar with CloudApp and Droplr I think you would like CloudUp, bcuz all that it takes to share a file, a document, a video or an audio file is a drag and drop gesture with your mouse and you are done, and if you want things to be done fast well you are in the right place, bcuz CloudUp is blazing fast when it comes to uploading your files.

CloudUp have a Windows app, and an OSX app, and for the iPhone and the iPad you can use it’s web app.

At this moment, CloudUp offer Free invite-only accounts, if you received and invitation you will get to upload 1000 item, which is according to them about 200GB space.

And for my reader, here’s an Exclusive Invitation code for the first 100 people that will sign up, you can sign up using this link and enter the code News47ell and you will get an early access to CloudUp service. Hope you enjoy using it.