CloudUp, the best droplr alternative

CloudUp, the best droplr alternative

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Droplr announced that’s it’s going to be a paid service only, people stormed to twitter trying to find droplr alternative. Look no more bcuz CloudUp is here, to replace your droplr.

For those of you who don’t know, CloudUp is a cloud files sharing service that focus on making sharing files and links fast and easy, with it’s beautiful user interface and simplicity. It also gives you the option to upload and share pictures, videos, songs, documents, and even codes.

CloudUp user interface

And for iOS users, don’t worry, CloudUp is working on an iPhone and an iPad application, until they release it, don’t forget to add CloudUp web-app on your iPhone and iPad home screen for easy access. And for the readers of News47ell, here’s an Exclusive Invitation code for the first 100 people that will sign up, you can sign up using this link and enter the code News47ell and you will get an early access to CloudUp service. Hope you enjoy using it.