Content Scraping!!!

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According to WPBeginner I’m Awesome, and maybe you are too, if your blog content has been scraped by another website.

The Story #

That’s what happened to me couple of days ago when i found out that one of my article has been copied/pasted to another website, completely, with my affiliate link, and my images from my server.

Feelings #

I wasn’t surprised to see that i didn’t get any credit. ((except if you right click on an image and see its source then you will find my domain name.))

Reaction #

This is the first time something like this happen to me, so i did what every other person would do in this case, i Googled what to do when someone is scraping your site, and i came across two articles:

Taking Actions #

For me, i decided to do to nothing about this, i don’t wanna file for DMCA or talk to the website or hosting provider, bcuz i feel like its A waste of my time, the only thing i did is using

No Right Click Images Plugin, i think its great and useful in this case.

Future #

I’m not sure, i might try other solutions, i might start using the other plugins mentioned in the article, this could happen today or tomorrow, but for now, i’m happy with how things are.