Design iOS 7 using Microsoft Word!

Design iOS 7 using Microsoft Word!

210 Words / 1 Minutes

I’ve never seen anything like this, but i definitely want to see more and more.

I’m talking about this amazing video made by Václav Krejčí

Václav Krejčí Is not your everyday GUI designer, he’s a guy with a crazy idea to design a lot of awesome and cool design using Microsot Word, and to start he designed the iPhone 5 and iOS 7 completely from Microsoft Word.

In a 10 min video he posted to youtube, Václav shows how it’s all made, a step by step shown quickly he explain how easy it is to design iOS 7 and it makes you question yourself: did apple design iOS 7 using Microsoft Word?

Václav Krejčí

Václav Krejčí Is also an author of the book 7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word which you can read here for free

The books teach you how to create cool text effect using your everyday app Microsoft Word

I really recommend everyone to go check the book, it’s really awesome to see how you can create all of this using a simple app like Mircosot Word and design something like iOS 7 and an iphone 5.

To learn more about Václav Krejčí check his website UPIR

Follow him on twitter @upiir

And Like the book facebook page