Dropbox saved my ass!

Dropbox saved my ass!

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I got my late first and only MacBook about three years ago, it was my first time ever using OSX.

It was something I’ve never experienced before, it was magical.

It was a great chance and opportunity to test apps and learn more about Apple, and developers from all around the world.

In the first couple of hours I went to Google and searched for top 10 popular OSX apps, I don’t remember what was the website that I visited but It listed an app that I tried, loved, and used ever since.

A service with apps on all platform that I can’t live without anymore, A service that 2 days ago saved my ass.

I’m talking about Dropbox.

I’ve been using Dropbox for a long time now, and when my MacBook was still alive, I used to always test the beta version of the OSX version of the app, trying to get as much free space as possible … Don’t tell me you don’t like free stuff!

Couple of days ago I was writing an article about Readabilty and I decided to view another article I was writing, and suddenly when Byword tried to sync my article with Dropbox, it displayed a warning message tells me that I’ve used all my 11GB of storage.

I decided to switch from Dropbox to iCloud when it comes to saving articles, it’s a one tap inside Byword, just edit, select, and move.

At this point I don’t know what went wrong, or why this happened, but I wish I never tried to switch to iCloud.

After moving my articles from iCloud to Dropbox I opened my last article that I was writing at the time, and I was shocked when I saw that I’ve lost more than half of what I’ve already had written.

I had 2 options here:

  1. Get on the street naked and start screaming: WHERE’S MY ARTICLE, WHERE’S MY ARTICLE!!!


  1. Stay calm and try to find out where’s my Article.*

I Decided to chose the 2nd option, I stayed calm, and I kept opening and closing Byword and going to Dropbox to see if my Byword folder have anything inside of it, but It was empty and I felt so sad at that point.

    • *It was late and I was so tired, I decided to sleep, and in the morning I will starting writing all the missing paragraphs all over again.

I locked my iPad and closed my eyes, and started my journey to sleep, and suddenly I remembered something, long time ago I was browsing my photos inside the web version of Dropbox, I deleted a photo, and on top I saw the option to see deleted pictures, and when I clicked on it, I saw the picture that I just deleted still available for me to recover it.

I jumped off of my bed, I grabbed my iPad and opened Safari, and started typing Dropbox.com while praying that I find my lost article, and what a big fucking awesome surprise, I DID.

    • *I did find my article waiting for me not a word missing from it, I hit recovery and went back to Byword and it was there, ALL OF IT.

I felt so happy, It was a moment I will never forget.

For me now Dropbox is something that I will never change, and I really wish that I had even more space, so I can just put all my photos and articles inside of it, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a feature before more than I like this feature from Dropbox.

Having the ability to restore files even after you delete them.

It might be scary for some, but you can delete the file, or document even from the recovery.

Now all I can say that Dropbox has saved my ass, and I will never even think about trying to switch to iCloud or to any other cloud storage service again.

Thank you Dropbox, and the Dropbox team for this amazing product.

P.S if you want to sign up for Dropbox Please Use This Link, it will give us both an extra 500 MB of bonus space.

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