Facebook Acquire Oculus.

Facebook Acquire Oculus.

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Facebook have done it again, First Instagram, second Whatsapp and now the famous VR Company: Oculus.

The company announced on their newsroom website:

Facebook today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Oculus VR, Inc., the leader in immersive virtual reality technology, for a total of approximately $2 billion.

$400 million in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common stock (valued at $1.6 billion based on the average closing price of the 20 trading days preceding March 21, 2014 of $69.35 per share).

Oculus VR is a Kickstarter funded company, the funding for this Virtual Reality Kit started in Aug 1 2012 and ended in Sep 1 2012, The result was 9,522 backers $2,437,429 pledged of $250,000 goal.

I’m sure the numbers can tell how much people loved this product, and they put their own money into it, to make it a reality, and now that Facebook has acquired them, i feel like all the excitement that surrounded the Oculus VR company is gone!

Every time i hear news from facebook or hear the name Zuck, i only imagine someone with a lot of money to spare, throwing them away left and right.

I can understand why Facebook bought Instagram & Whatsapp but this acquisition doesn’t make any sense to me.

To be honest these two things don’t add up to me, a VR company and Facebook!!!

I know facebook already develop “Games” but i don’t think that people who use Facebook for “gaming” are going to be interested in buying a kit to put on their face just to be able to see Angry Birds in 3D, or FarmVille in 3D.

Here’s a part of the announcment from the Oculus Blog

At first glance, it might not seem obvious why Oculus is partnering with Facebook, a company focused on connecting people, investing in internet access for the world and pushing an open computing platform. But when you consider it more carefully, we’re culturally aligned with a focus on innovating and hiring the best and brightest; we believe communication drives new platforms; we want to contribute to a more open, connected world; and we both see virtual reality as the next step.

Most important, Facebook understands the potential for VR. Mark and his team share our vision for virtual reality’s potential to transform the way we learn, share, play, and communicate. Facebook is a company that believes that anything is possible with the right group of people, and we couldn’t agree more.

I feel like Facebook is taking the path of Yahoo by acquiring everything that is threatening them, or standing on their way!

Make sure to listen to the Conference Call that discussed the acquisition on Facebook Investor website.

And to end this, here’s a tweet from Notch the Creator of the game Minecraft: