I Watched Snapchat Snapcash Video so You Don't Have To

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In case you didn’t hear, the easily hackable app Snapchat introduced a new feature.

The new feature is called Snapchat Snapcash and it will allow you to send money to your friend using Snapchat after they’ve parternd with Square.

For this new feature, Snapchat decided to make a weird, fucked up video on so many levels to introduce this brand new feature.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we:

Family Guy Dance

The video starts with a boy trying to find a gift for his mom, he find a salt and pepper shakers for $30, which with a quick search on Google you will find the same item for only $11 on Etsy.

He ask his friend for $15 and she agree in a strange way saying YES like he proposed to her or something, she open Snapchat app and starts typing $15, weirdly in slow motion, not sure why but whatever. That’s when behind the green $ button Snapchat reveals the secret dancers who apparently will send the money?!

If that’s not strange enough, then wait until you see the weird looking old guy with a white beard who I guess he is suppose to be the Monopoly guy aka Uncle Pennybags or maybe Santa! He say:

You can connect your card and it will be stored securely for future transaction, a wise investment at any age.

Let’s talk about this for a bit:

1- Stored Securely: #

Snapchat was in the news multiple times for hacks and leaks for its data:

And yet you still want to trust them with your Credit or Debit card?

They are using Square which is secure but still, with a history like this its hard to trust Snapchat with your money.

2- Any Age: #

Going back to what Uncle Pennybags said: “a wise investment at any age.” That’s actually a bit wrong since this new feature only work for people 18 and above.

Now for the fucked up part:

After you hit send, the money doesn’t just get transferred to your friend, instead Snapchat will display the money inside the app, Swiping three fingers on it will “make it rain”…Whaaaat?!

So why this little animation is so fucked up?

Take this scenario for example: A girl want money from her dad, the dad say yes, he set the amount and then throw the money at his daughter like she’s a stripper? really Snapchat?

I have no idea who made this video and how they thought it was even good, but it’s here, and its horrible, Enjoy it.

P.S. Take a look at the rating on the Snapcash video.

P.P.S For whatever reason, Snapchat provided the Lyrics to the song you hear in the video, thinking that people would like to sing along to it.