iOS 7.0.3 bug in Game Center

iOS 7.0.3 bug in Game Center

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Apple released iOS 7.0.3 in October 22 2013 and with it the company added iCloud keychain and password generator.

It also fixed couple of bugs here and there but I guess apple forgot about one funny bug that’s hidden inside the Game Center app.

And it’s the perfect Happy Thanksgiving dinner for all the hungry tech news readers around the world.

This bug is easy to find and recreate as long as you have an iPad.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Game Center
  2. Go to Friends
  3. Select one of your friends
  4. Tap on the three dots (…) on the top right corner (a menu will appear with 2 options to “Report a Problem or Unfriend”)
  5. Tap on the three dots (…) again

Repeat step #5 as much as you want until your iPad screen goes darker and darker

That’s it, tapping on those dots will make the iPad brightness lower and lower until you won’t be able to see anything.

Hope you had fun, and Happy Thanksgiving.