iOS 8 Wishlist

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In couple of weeks Apple is going to start it’s WWDC 14 ((Monday, June 2)) and with it Apple is going to introduce iOS 8, the latest version of it’s software running on iOS devices.

Just like every year, people start building a lot of hopes that Apple would introduce a feature they wanted for a long time, or remove something that annoyed them for a long time, and some people write their Wishlist to show others what they would love to see in the new version of iOS.

So today I decided to share my own iOS 8 Wishlist.

It’s short and simple, it’s things I would love to see, because I know It would make my life with iOS easier and more enjoyable.

Changing default apps: #

This is something should’ve been done for years now.

Having the ability to change the default apps: like changing Safari to Chrome / Mail to Mailbox.

I know we are able to do these thing now but not everywhere on iOS, for example:

When you receive a link in iMessage or Mail, you are forced to open it in Safari, it just sucks a lot that you must open an app that you don’t use.

Same things goes for the Mail app, when you are in Chrome, Safari, or anywhere in iOS and you tap on an email the Mail app will open with a new compose window, who uses Mail?!

I know I don’t and a lot of people out there don’t use it either.

Clearing cache: #

Whether if you have an 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128Gb iOS device, you will eventually run out of memory no matter what.

From pictures to songs, to videos you downloaded, to your Spotify, Rdio or Beats offline playlist, or those cache that your browser or app downloaded and accumulated over the time causing your storage space to run low.

Now you only have two solution that I’ve talked about before over here and I’m gonna talk about now.

  • Delete the app and reinstall it again.
  • Pray that your app developer implement cache cleaning, or that it’s already implemented.

Request desktop site in Safari: #

In June 29, 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, and one of the things he talked about was Safari, and how it’s able to load full webpages saying:

We wanted the best web browser in the world on our phone, not baby web browser or wap browser, a real web browser.

Things changed a lot after that, people started redesigning their sites to fit perfectly on the iPhone screen, making it impossible sometimes for the user to view a desktop version of the site, and believe me sometime you do need a desktop version of the site because the mobile version just bad, really bad.

Google solved this problem in Chrome for iOS with a button to request a desktop version of the site, but Apple don’t have that option in Safari, which mean that Safari is not able to display full webpages and this mean that Apple didn’t live up to its promise.

Fix wallpaper: #

Since the release of iOS 7 wallpapers got broken, especially on iPad, it just zooms in a lot, even with the Perspective Zoom Option disable, it just broken and need to be fixed.

I’m not sure about you, but I know that I don’t use the Missed tab in notification center, I think it’s waste of space that could be used for something else, like displaying song lyrics and artwork, widget area, or just anything instead of this useless thing.

Also Apple should add swipe to dismiss old Notification, having to tap twice to dismiss an old notification seems like a lot of things to do when it can possibly be done with one tap only.

More customization: #

If you think about it for a second, the only customization that you have now in iOS is your wallpaper.

And that’s it, I’m sure all of us agree that Apple must loosen up a bit and do more big changes and listen more to it’s users, and the most important thing is to let developers do more cool stuff on iOS.