Is Yahoo going to buy Android from Google?

Is Yahoo going to buy Android from Google?

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Marissa Mayer is buying everything that moves lately, Be careful out there, don’t move, and don’t breathe.

Since Marissa became the CEO of Yahoo Before she used to work Google as a executive and key spokesperson, things have changed for the company, changed in a good way I guess.

Most of us notice how many companies Yahoo have bought since She became in charge of Yahoo, 23 company in 2013, starting from a social network, Summly a news aggregation app, moving to Tumblr, Qwiki, Xobni, Rockmelt. And last but not least of course is Aviate a launcher for Android devices.

Actually there’s much more, and if you wanna check everything head over to Wikipedia to see the entire list of all the mergers and acquisitions by Yahoo!

I started to ask my self this question a lot lately, is Yahoo going to buy Android?

Yahoo is a search engine, like bing and Google, Microsoft owns bing and own Windows and Windows mobile operating system, and Google own Well Google search engine and Google chrome OS and Android.

So now Yahoo is left alone with no operating systems what so ever.

Yahoo is investing a lot of money on app developers, and it’s building a great collection of apps for iOS that looks and feels great. (I’m glad they are doing a great job)

But I feel like Yahoo is being left alone watching other companies earning a lot of money with their mobile operating system.

I might be wrong, I know I’m wrong about Yahoo buying Android bcuz that’s obviously not going to happen, but what about blackberry?

Can Yahoo save it Like LG did Recently when they saved Web-OS after it was pronounced dead by HP?!

I feel like Yahoo is even going to conquering the default search engine in iOS, it might easily pay more than what Google pay which is 1 billion dollar to Apple a year So they can put Yahoo as the default search engine for iOS, but that’s going to be so funny bcuz Google is not going to take this easliy and I’m sure they are going to pay even more than that.

Couple of days ago we saw Marissa on stage announcing the new Yahoo News Digest app for iOS , which if you had the chance to try it, it’s great app, honestly I never thought yahoo could design such a great looking app, although between you and me, Yahoo did borrow a lot from Summly so the design is not entirely from Yahoo!

It also lunched a new website dedicated for technology news, which in my opinion look a lot like a Google image search, the main focus on the image and the title of the article, and when you tap on one of the article, it doesn’t take you to the article page, but instead the article slide open under the image you tapped on which is a lot like what happen when you tap on an image on Google’s image search.

Let me be clear here, I’m not investing in anyway with Yahoo’s ECO-System, I don’t use it’s mail service, weather app, or search engine at all.

But it’s so obvious to anyone who is interested in Yahoo that it’s taking a big ass step toward brining back it’s name to the market. (When at the same time blackberry is failing to do that miserably and that’s why I think that they might and should buy it)

Marissa Mayer is not playing around, and that is obvious, spending all this money is like building a base so the company could stand on its feet again, and prepare itself for the next big step.

So let’s wait and see what Marissa Mayer is going to do next with Yahoo!