LaunchKey Introduce Facial Recognition feature

LaunchKey Introduce Facial Recognition feature

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The guys at LaunchKey were busy lately introducing new features for their Two-Factor Authentication solution for services like Gmail, Dropbox and also

A While back they introduced Finger Print Authentication for Android users using Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now they are back again with a great update for iOS users, by introducing Facial Recognition feature that will allow you to login to your WordPress site for example using your face as an authentication method.

What’s New in Version 1.2.3

New biometric Facial Scan factor allows you to authenticate with your face.

This new feature is really simple and easy to use, once you enable it, the LaunchKey app will take 10 Pictures of your face and save them, and when you login to your WordPress site, the app will ask you to point the device towards your face, it will scan it, and compare it to the 10 pics that you took earlier, and once the verification is done, LaunchKey will log you in to your account.

I tested this feature my self multiple time and it seems to work flawlessly, its fast, simple and secure.

it’s a unique way to tell the service that this is really you and you want to be granted access to your account.

If you are intrested in trying it your self, you must enable Two-Factor Authentication on a service that support it, and or if you have a WordPress site and you wanna take advantage of this feature then make sure to install and activate the LaunchKey Plugin on your WordPress setup.

And then install the LaunchKey app on your iOS device, it’s Free and Universal.

If you wanna learn more about LaunchKey then make sure to read my previous review of this great service.