Maqtoob business directory of great tools for entrepreneurs and freelancers

Maqtoob business directory of great tools for entrepreneurs and freelancers

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Doing something new is often hard, especially if you have no experience in it. Whether you want to create a new website, run a business or build a team, you need a someone to tell you where to start and what tools you should use to manage, edit and analyze you work.

Google is good but for a beginner it can be a little bit of a problem due to the amount of info being displayed at the same time and sometime it can be useless info provided by amateurs.

What you need is a place that have all these info displayed in a beautiful way, organized in categories and easy to go through.

Enter Maqtoob Business Tools Directory that aim to make it easy for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers to discover new apps and services that they might find useful for their new project or business.

The idea behind Maqtoob is to “make it a number one platform for all people who dream about starting their own business, regardless their level of IT skills, age, or experience.” said Kristyna Zapletalova Founder & CEO of Maqtoob.

The Problem: Building a new site #

Lets say you want to start your own website, but you don’t know where to start.

Let’s face it, there’s a long list of things that you should go through one by one to make the site up and running the way you want, such as:

  • What platform you want to use?
  • What analysis system do you want to use?
  • What kind of comments system do you want to use?
  • Which Plugin do you want to install?
  • What theme provider you should pick?
  • What apps you need to manage your site on the go?

This list can go on for days, and if you are new to building sites then I’m sure that you will be lost with the amount of unorganized information that Google will throw on your face.

The Solution: Maqtoob #

With an easy to navigate through, modern and simple design, Maqtoob allow you to go through all the things that you need in order to create your website.

It will show you everything you need categorized in a very simple way and each product is rated and reviewd by users who have tried these services/apps before.

Please note that since the service is still in beta not all the services/apps are reviewed yet, for everyone who’s reading this it would be great if you can help and contribute to Maqtoob by reviewing your favorite product to help others find what they want.

With Maqtoob you don’t need to search in Google anymore to find what you need, all you have to do in pick the subject you want and just pick the service that you find and think it have everything you are looking for.

And couple of days ago Maqtoob turned 6 weeks and with this achievement they introduced 6 new features for their users.

  1. Bookmark tools you like
  2. Display the name of your company in your profile.
  3. Search with autocomplete
  4. An RSS feed for their blog
  5. Categories in alphabetical order
  6. Simpler submission tools

Maqtoob can be really helpful for people who are trying to start a business online and don’t what tools should they use, Also Maqtoob can be really helpful for developers and Startups since they can submit their apps and services to get more exposure and get their products in more hands.

If you find yourself frequently using Maqtoob then I really encourage you to create an account because it will help you to bookmark all the services you find useful to look at them later and it will allow you to write your own reviews on services that you find useful and want to help others make the right choice.

With Maqtoob you can make your site, business and team up and running in no time using the right tools that will help you in the present and in the future when your project will grow large.

So give it a try today @