Must Watch: The PC Security Channel

Must Watch: The PC Security Channel

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Recently after I posted my very first article after a few months away, I decided to go on YouTube and watch some reviews.

The thing is, I’ve already watched a lot of reviews for many different things from many different YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips, Tek Syndicate, The Verge and many, many more.

The few YouTubers that I mentioned all review Computer Hardware, or talk about tech news in general. They rarely dip their toes in the Software section, which is a bit disappointing to me because I know I would enjoy watching Software reviews.

They all have tried it at one point, but none continue to do it and I’m not sure why. For example, Linus Tech Tips did few video about Google Chrome extensions, Desktop remote applications and Ninite, which all of them are for the NCIX Tech Tips channel and not his own?!

The Verge’s very own Paul Miller who left the internet for a year did a video showing the writing apps that he uses in a daily basis.

Tek Syndicate did 3 videos reviewing foobar2000, a music app for Windows that allows you to sync your iPod with something other than iTunes.

So, last night, I decided to look for some Software reviews on YouTube. I decided to look for Antivirus Software reviews, because I’ve been using an iPhone and an iPad for couple of years now and I honestly missed doing research on which Antivirus Software is better than the other and why.

The PC Security Channel.

What made me hit the subscribe button to this channel was the way he tests the Antivirus app.

First and foremost, he takes a quick but long enough look at the design and the available options/settings the Antivirus app has to offer, which is really great.

After discussing the UI of the app briefly, he starts attacking the system by downloading malicious apps from Internet Explorer. I’m not sure why he chooses Internet Explorer instead of Chrome but my theory is that Chrome is much more powerful in detecting those links.

Then, he disables the Antivirus and tests the built in scanning feature of the app (right click, scan with insert Antivirus app name here) by scanning a folder full of malware infected apps to define the detection ratio of each app and the amount of virus signatures the app knows.

After that test is over, he enables the Antivirus app again and proceeds to attack the system directly by opening what’s left inside the folder from the previous test.

Watching him perform all of these systematic options is really interesting because I would love to do them all myself but unfortunately I don’t have a Windows machine to do these tests on. So watching him invest all his time, trying to bring his virtual machine to it’s knees and how the Antivirus Software tries to keep up by running smoothly while defending the OS for as long as possible is again, really interesting.

One thing that I would love to see a review of are the apps that he uses on the side with the same level of details. Apps like Malwarebytes, HITMANpro, Zemana and Comodo Killswitch. I’ve never heard of those last two.

I definitely recommend checking out his channel. You’ll find yourself watching one video after another, subscribe, you won’t regret it.