New Achievement Unlocked: Carousel, Mailbox for Android & Mac.

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Dropbox has been a busy bee lately, working behind closed doors to unleash cool new apps, not 1 but 3 apps.

Mailbox for Mac: #

Mailbox mac screenshot

This app could be the next Sparrow app, the best email cleint that Google killed long time ago.

Mailbox mac coming soon

Mailbox for Mac is still in private beta, but you can sign up to get an early access.

Mailbox for Android: #

Mailbox android

Mailbox, running on Android, Available now, No biggy…now move on. NEXT!

Carousel #


A new app for iOS & Android to the Dropbox family that will make it easy for you to manage and browse through all the pictures & videos you’ve already uploaded to Dropbox


The app shows the pictures & the videos as a timeline, with the ability to share these photos in a private conversation with friends, and the ability to upload all the pictures you take from within the app to your Dropbox account in High-Res.

You can read more about it here

Auto-Swipe: #

Mailbox also announced a new feature called Auto-Swipe, here’s some of the blog post:

Starting today, Mailbox uses Dropbox to sync preferences and Auto-swipe patterns across email accounts and devices.

What a great busy day for Dropbox, but…What about supporting IMAP in Mailbox?!