How to receive WordPress Push Notifications on iOS

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I’ve always wanted to receive WordPress Push Notifications on my iPhone & iPad when a Plugins gets updated, or a core update is available because it’s really important to keep my site up to date, especially when there’s a new vulnerability discovered and Automattic release an urgent update for its Open source CMS.

Luckily I found a way to receive WordPress Push Notifications on iOS devices using Zapier Pushover Notification on iOS and WP Remote.

A while back, I wrote about Zapier an amazing automation service and how i use it receive push notification when my favorite YouTuber upload a new video using Pushover Notification.

This time we are going to add a new service to Zapier and Pushover, a service called WP Remote.

What this service allow you to do is to monitor all your WordPress sites and update them with one-click.

What’s cool about WP Remote is that recently they launched their own Zapier Channel, in this channel there’s a lot of useful triggers that could keep you up to date with whats happening with your WordPress sites:

  • New Login by User (Triggers when a user logs in to your site.)
  • New Automatic Backup Failed (Triggers when your site fails to complete a backup.)
  • New Plugin Update Available (Triggers when a new plugin update becomes available on your site.)
  • New Core Update Available (Triggers when a new WordPress core update becomes available on your site.)

So i made two Zaps on Zapier, one for Core Updates, and another one for Plugins Update.

These two Zaps are really important when you are away from your computer, but you still wanna know what’s happening with your WordPress Site.

With an instant notification sent to your phone, you will be able to know when your WordPress Site needs an update.

I really hope you find this helpful like i did and i hope you enjoy using it.