I said goodbye to the Jetpack plugin for WordPress

I said goodbye to the Jetpack plugin for WordPress

by: Music47ell
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With the release of the latest update of Jetpack 2.8 with support for Markdown, i decided to take a look at what Jetpack have to offer me and see if i can live without it.

What i need from Jetpack plugin:

  1. Publicize
  2. WordPress.com Stats
  3. Carousel
  4. Spelling and Grammar
  5. Markdown
  7. Enhanced Distribution
  8. Notifications

The Alternatives:

  1. FeedPress + Buffer
  2. Google Analytics + Piwik
  3. Gallery Carousel Without JetPack
  4. TinyMCE Spellcheck
  5. WP-Markdown
  7. Navigate to Setting / Writing Settings / and put http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ where it says: Update Services
  8. Pushover Notifications for WordPress + Pushover Notifications iOS App

So i gave it a shot, and deleted the plugin and replaced with the plugins i listed above, it’s been a while now and i don’t miss Jetpack at all, if you feel like doing the same, just give it a shot, you won’t miss a thing.