10 Must Have iOS Apps to survive a Tech Apocalypse

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Imagine if an Apocalypse happened in the Tech World, shouldn’t you have some apps that will help you survive it? Viruses destroying your laptop, eating your hard disk slowly and turning it into pieces or worthless and useless bytes, are you prepared for that day when it comes? TELL ME ARE YOU READY? LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME THAT YOU ARE.

But seriously, viruses are out there, and i think you should be prepard for anything that could happen, and don’t forget about hackers, so even the things that you save in the cloud should be protected.

So here’s my 10 Must Have iOS Apps to survive a Tech Apocalypse

1- Saving Documents and Pictures: #

Dropbox: #

First of all you need a place to save your important files to, and the best place for those important documents is Dropbox.

With Dropbox, you will be able to save all your files and documents, and sync them across all your devices, from iOS, Android, Mac Windows and Linux.

Picturelife: #

And i didn’t forget about all the memories you saved from videos of your friends and the pictures you took when you were on the moon…right? The perfect place for those precious memories is Picturelife.

In Picturelife your memories will stay forever, saved in the cloud inside a beautiful webapp that include a builtin editing software.

You can backup your photos from iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

2- Password mgmt and TFA / TSV: #

1Password #

Now that you decided where you wanna save your documents and pictures, it’s time to create accounts, to do that you need a username and a password, usernames are easy to come by, but passwords are not that easy, you can always use pass123 or 12345 but while you do that please kiss your accounts goodbye.

To create – manage and save your passwords you MUST USE 1Password.

Create long, and complicated passwords for your accounts, save them, and sync them across multiple devices using iCloud or Dropbox.

1Password is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Authy & LaunchKey: #

Now that you’ve created some accounts here and there and saved your passwords, don’t think that you are done, there’s a very important thing that you need to do, enable Two-factor authentication.

With TFA you will need something you know (Your Password) and something you have (Your Mobile Device).

Check this list and enable Two-factor authentication on all the accounts that you have, and the best apps for this mission are Authy & LaunchKey.

Using any or both of these apps will guaranty you that no one will access your website by using Authy Plugin for WordPress and / or LaunchKey Plugin for WordPress.

3- Keeping up with the news: #

Tweetbot & Twitterrific: #

Now that you saved everything, and all your accounts are secured, you need sometime catching up on the latest news, forget about CNN or BBC, these are not the right places for you to read about a Tech Apocalypse, the right place for you is Twitter.

And the best way to keep up with Twitter is by using Tweetbot and or Twitterrific.

You can read my detailed review here.

4- Time for some entertainment: #

Pocket Casts & Spotify & Netflix: #

Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time by listening to your favorite podcasts using the amazing Pocket Casts app on iOS and Android, listen to some music on Spotify on iOS or Android, and watch some movies on Netflix on iOS or Android.

The last thing i wanna say is that i hope you survive, if you did; congratulation.