Twitterrific for iOS goes Freemium

Twitterrific for iOS goes Freemium

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Today in a bold move, The Iconfactory released a new version of it’s app Twitterrific for iOS.

The update it self is not that important, but what’s important is that the app is now free for everyone and ad supported by the Deck Network ads.

Here’s some of the announcement from the Iconfactory blog post:

Today marks a new era for our venerable Twitter client, Twitterrific. We’re pleased to say that with the 5.7 update, Twitterrific is now free to download from the App Store. It is supported by revenue from Deck Network ads displayed at the top of the timeline and in-app purchases that unlock advanced features such as push notifications and tweet translation.

Also the Iconfactory designer Gedeon P. Maheux published an article about this move:

Why are we returning to the freemium model now? Simply put, we’re hoping that by making the app free to download and use, we’ll get Twitterrific into the hands of thousands more people and those additional users will help support development via the increased ad revenue far into the future.

As for the people who already paid for the app, nothing is going to change, they are still going to enjoy and ad free experience of the app.

This is an interesting move by the company, and its definitely going to bring a lot of new users for them, and make it a bit harder for Tapbots to compete with them with their $4.99 Tweetbot for iPhone and their $2.99 Tweetbot for iPad.

You can download the app from the App Store