Walt Mossberg leaving All Things D

Walt Mossberg leaving All Things D

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Today Walt Mossberg announced on his twitter account that he wrote his last article for All Things D, after 22 years writing tech reviews in one of the biggest website The Wall Streat Journal, and his planes to start his own tech news website with Kara Swisher.

The last article he posted was about the most important things that happened in the tech industry and had a big impact on it.

He started talking about Apple Newton MessagePad, which was a joke according to him, he also talk about Windows 95, Facebook and Twitter, the iPod & the iPhone.

Maybe this is the last article for All Things D but according to Walt it’s not his last, he said on a tweet later that he’s working on new independent tech news website and he’s going to work on it with Kara Swisher.

I personally can’t wait to see what Walt is going to do, but I’m sure it’s something big.