Introducing Weekly47ell Newsletter and a Brand New Homepage Design

Introducing Weekly47ell Newsletter and a Brand New Homepage Design

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I’m bringing you a new article and a new design for News47ell, featuring a right sidebar and a black 1px border around pretty much everything. I’m also launching Weekly47ell newsletter, my first ever newsletter, which will be once a week (duh) Thursday at 21:00 and will contain the latest articles published here.

For the first time ever, I’ve changed the site design without changing the theme all thanks to CSS and the amazing GeneratePress theme. It’s been a blast tinkering around with it for the past few weeks.

GeneratePress is the the best themes that I used on this site. It’s endless options and customization are the reason why I didn’t have to change the entire theme in order to change the look and feel of my site.

I can’t recommend it enough to anyone planning on creating a New WordPress site.

What changed? The Homepage, which now has a right sidebar that includes anything I want you to view while browsing the site: social media links, deals, featured articles and so on.

When you read an article, you will still get an article only view with no sidebar to keep your focus. You came for the article, you get the article.

Now, Let’s talk Newsletter which you can sign up to using this link.

I picked Mailerlite to be the Email Marketing Software of choice after reading this review on Woorkup. The main feature that drew me to them is how easy it was to get started after signing up.

Mailerlite UI makes it easy to understand what the hell you’re supposed to do.

The newsletter will be once a week, but if I didn’t publish anything here for a week then you won’t get anything. Hopefully this will motivate me more to produce articles quicker while keeping its quality on a high level.

Other minor adjustments that I made long ago to the site was the wiggly underline, the random tagline and lyrics in the footer which now both are fully automated including the injection of the html inside my php file all thanks to jQuery.

I believe this is pretty much it for now.

Hope you enjoy the new design and make sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on everything New here at News47ell.