OSX Deal: Typed Text Editor for Mac

OSX Deal: Typed Text Editor for Mac

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Typed is a great looking writing app that support Markdown, made by Codebots, a company known for their great to-do app Clear for iOS / OSX, and the screenshot and annotation app Ember on iOS / OSX.

Typed is their latest app and they did a great job with the design, making it a minimal app for people who want a distraction free writing experience.


Typed also include a lot of great features like:

  • Minimal UI
  • Word Count
  • HTML Preview & Export
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Auto Save Support
  • Zen Mode

Zen mode is a great way of relaxing while typing, it include 8 soundtracks and extra sound effect when changing the setting inside the app, like fonts and theme.

Typed usually cost $24.99, but it’s on sale now and you can get it for $14.99. So grab your copy and enjoy a minimal and distraction free writing experience.