How to Host Google Fonts Locally in WordPress

How to Host Google Fonts Locally

One issue I encountered while trying to achieve a high score in GTmetrix was in regards to Google fonts and how I injected them into my site directly using Google fonts CDN. The only way to solve it was to learn How to Host Google Fonts Locally.

Most people are familiar with Google fonts. For those who don’t, here’s how I describe it:

It’s a big, free and awesome library of fonts which you can use as your heart desire. It’s managed by Google and served from the domains

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How to Create Site Specific WordPress Plugin

Site Specific WordPress Plugin

I‘ve been silently doing a lot of minor and medium size changes to News47ell since the redesign. With those changes, I had to find a way to keep my code as organized as possible so that I can understand it when I go back to it later along the road. Because I use WordPress, I decided to convert all my code into Site Specific WordPress Plugin.

Each plugin does a specific thing on the site and it includes a PHP file, JS file & CSS file. They are all served from my server over at Lightning Base so I can reduce the number of HTTP requests required to render the page.

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How to Implement Prism Syntax Highlighter into WordPress

PrisimJS Featured Image

If you want to display code blocks on your WordPress site in a beautiful and unique way then you arrived at the right place, because in this tutorial I will teach you how to implement Prism syntax highlighter into WordPress.

As a regular CSS-Tricks reader, I’ve always wondered how Chris display code blocks in his site in this unique way. A bit of research and I discovered that he uses PrismJS.

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How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

Yesterday I published an article talking about Why I use Google Chrome, I talked about how it’s able to sync all my date across multiple devices, it’s simple UI, and how Chrome’s extensions help me be more productive and do my work quicker.

But I know a lot of you dislike Chrome for one reason or another, and want to use other browsers like Opera. Well today I have a special extension for you Opera users out there who want to have best of both worlds. Using Opera and being able to install Chrome extensions.

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How to Find and Download Acer 5742Z WiFi Driver

Today I got a phone call from a friend asking me to fix his laptop, he have an Acer 5742Z and the problem was his WiFi, it’s wasn’t working. The first thing I did is check the Device Manager in Windows 7, and I was right, the Acer 5742Z WiFi Driver was not installed.

Well that was easy, now all I have to do is go to Acer’s official website and download the driver. It turned out that its not that easy, both of the available drivers for Windows 7 Atheros and Broadcom don’t work.

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How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Spotify Playlist

The second I walk outside of my home I launch Spotify and let Metal Music blast through my ears until they bleed…wait, is that too much info? No, that appropriate.
Any who, In Spotify, My main Playlist is the Starred Playlist, and in it I have all the songs that I would enjoy listening to outside and inside the house, but sometimes I get bored from these songs and want to replace them so I select all of them and throw them into another playlist so I don’t forget about these songs in the future.

Doing this multiple times a month will create duplicates songs in the backup playlist and I don’t like that, going through all 600 songs to remove the duplicate ones are a hard thing to do.

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How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

Recently I wanted to try other web browsers on both OSX and iOS. There’s a lot of options out there, from Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Here’s the top browsers that my readers use to visit this site:

  1. Chrome.
  2. Safari.
  3. Firefox.

The only challenge that I had is syncing my bookmarks from MacBook running Snow Leopard to my iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 and iPad running iOS 8.1. Safari has iCloud bookmark syncing but i can’t use it since i’m running SL, And Chrome (Dev Channel) is already my Browser of choice so I looked for something new.

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