How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

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Yesterday I published an article talking about Why I use Google Chrome, I talked about how it’s able to sync all my date across multiple devices, it’s simple UI, and how Chrome’s extensions help me be more productive and do my work quicker.

But I know a lot of you dislike Chrome for one reason or another, and want to use other browsers like Opera. Well, today I have a special extension for you Opera users out there who want to have best of both worlds. Using Opera and being able to install Chrome extensions.

So let’s learn How to Install Chrome Extensions in Opera

Opera has changed a lot lately, they made the browser look better, and added bookmarks syncing across devices which is great. If you’ve made the switch from Chrome recently and you miss your Chrome extension, then you need to try this extension, It’s called: Download Chrome Extension.

 Thanks to this extension you will be able to download and install extensions from Google Chrome Web Store directly in your Opera browser.

Let’s face it, Chrome has a lot of great extensions that works and look great on your desktop, now thanks to this plugin you will be able to enjoy them on your Opera Browser.