Manage Google Chrome extensions with One Click Extension Manager

Manage Google Chrome extensions with One Click Extension Manager

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All of us who use Google Chrome and extend it’s features by downloading all kind of cool extensions, want the best way to manage Google Chrome extensions.

I have 68 extensions installed, but not all of them are active, that would eat my Macbook’s ram, literally.

Chrome RAM eater

Chrome’s extensions can do a lot of things for you, from entering passwords automatically for you using the 1Password and LastPass extension, taking screenshot of the page you’re viewing, oh and blocking ads, duh.

But sadly in Chrome, enabling all the cool extensions will cause your machine to slow down. Turning them on and off when you need them is a pain in the ass since it take to many clicks to achieve that.

Luckily now it would take you one click only without even exiting the site you are looking at now. you can easily manage Google Chrome extension with One Click Extension Manager.

One Click Extension Manager is a Chrome extension that allow you to enable your extensions when you need them, and disable them when you don’t.

This is a great way to free up memory from your machine. And if you have many extensions like I do, the One Click Extension Manager have a search function that will allow you to easily find the plugin that you need.

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