How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Spotify Playlist

How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Spotify Playlist

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The second I walk outside of my home I launch Spotify and let Metal Music blast through my ears until they bleed…wait, is that too much info? No, that appropriate.

Any who, In Spotify, My main Playlist is the Starred Playlist, and in it I have all the songs that I would enjoy listening to outside and inside the house, but sometimes I get bored from these songs and want to replace them so I select all of them and throw them into another playlist so I don’t forget about these songs in the future.

Doing this multiple times a month will create duplicates songs in the backup playlist and I don’t like that, going through all 600 songs to remove the duplicate ones are a hard thing to do.

Spotify don’t offer a way to remove duplicate songs on the Mac app, but on iOS you will get notified when adding a song that you already have to a playlist, but that’s not enough, especially when you want to rearrange 600 song.

Spotify DeDuplicator

The best way to solve this issue is to use an online tool called Spotify DeDuplicator.

Developed by Paul van Iterson, Spotify DeDuplicator allow you to easily remove duplicate songs from any playlist in Spotify by simply dragging and dropping all the songs into the specific area and with one click, the site will give you a list of all the songs that you should keep and you can easily drag and drop them back into a new playlist, or the old but make sure to remove everything from it first.

This is a great tool for Spotify users out there because I’m sure this thing happened to you multiple time, and its going to help you as much as it helped me keep my playlist organized and Duplicate Free.