How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

How To Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

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Recently I wanted to try other web browsers on both OSX and iOS. There’s a lot of options out there, from Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Here’s the top browsers that my readers use to visit this site:

  1. Chrome.
  2. Safari.
  3. Firefox.

The only challenge that I had is syncing my bookmarks from MacBook running Snow Leopard to my iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 and iPad running iOS 8.1. Safari has iCloud bookmark syncing but i can’t use it since i’m running SL, And Chrome (Dev Channel) is already my Browser of choice so I looked for something new.

Opera? Nah, Firefox is much better. I downloaded three copies of Firefox: BetaAurora and Nightly, and I started playing around with them, Firefox really changed a lot since the last time I tried it back in god knows when. It seem faster than ever, low ram usage and big library of Extensions or in Firefox’s lingo: Add-ons.

We all know that Mozilla doesn’t have a version of it’s web browser Firefox for iOS Devices, Mozilla former CEO Gary Kovacs said: ‘We refuse’ to bring Firefox to iOS until Apple lets us use our web engine.

Fortunately there’s a nice and easy solution to Sync Firefox Bookmarks With iPhone

Please note that this solution requires you to use different web browser on iPhone and iPad but it’s as good as Google Chrome and Safari.

Here’s how:

FirstDownload Firefox on OSX or Windows and import your bookmarks from Safari or Chrome.

SecondDownload Mercury Browser Add-on for Firefox.

ThirdDownload Mercury Browser Pro on your iOS Devices.

Forth – Create a Mercury Cloud Account and let the sync begin.

That’t it. Mercury Browser Add-on will sync all your bookmarks in realtime across all your devices both ways, whether you made a change on Mercury or Firefox it will be synced.

Mercury browser is a great alternative for Safari and Chrome on iOS, it has a wide variety of extensions that include Pocket, Instapaper, Pinboard and Translate which is really useful if you are using an iOS 7.

Another great feature of Mercury Browser, it integrate Pocket and sync your reading list, so when you save an article for later reading in Mercury it will automatically get added to your Pocket account.

No Bookmarks were harmed or lost in the making of this How-To Article.