Interview: Armin Ulrich

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A week ago i had a great time testing a new RSS Feed Service called Feedja, and i wrote a review about it that you can read here.

Feedja is great for people who are looking for a simple, easy to use, and fast RSS Feed Service with a great support from apps on iOS.

Today i had a great time interviewing Armin Ulrich the guy behind Feedja.

The Interview #

Can tell me about yourself? #

My name is Armin, “web guy” in different agencies for 6 years now. Totally addicted to everything Tech, located in Vienna.

Who’s behind Feedja? #

It’s just me. But I had some help from Andres Rigo – best UX/Interface Designer I know – and Alexander “the Server” Herzog.

Why did you build Feedja? #

I’m a big RSS addict since NetNewsWire – it was just a matter of time until I Decided to create my own iOS/Web/something reader. It started as a little side project and should be just a simple reader for myself. After a while (and some friends who demanded access), it turned out that it should be a full fledged out service for everyone. The development time so far was about two months in the evenings and on weekends (thanks to my girlfriend for supporting me and all my crazy ideas).

How much time you spend daily reading your RSS Feeds? #

about 1 to 2 hours

Do you think there’s anything missing from Feed Readers out there? #

For me, the App-Readers (and their Developers) are doing an awesome job. There is a Reader for every need out there.

What’s your plan for the future of Feedja? #

The first and most important thing for me is to get into every possible reading app and device. (I’m a couch feed-consumer) I’m in touch with many amazing App developers now, and they are great – it’s a pleasure to work with them. I was able to gain much RSS-Knowhow. Other than that of course expanding it’s features and infrastructure – I believe 2014 will be a great year for Feedja!

And i couldn’t resist but asking him What is a “Feedja” ? #

A feed-parsing ninja.