1Password – The Reimagined Edition ➣

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My favorite app for saving password, 1Password for iOS just received a huge update.

This update was a rebuilt from the ground up to ensure the speed of the app, making it blazing fast on iOS devices.

Along with the speed agilebits redesigned its app for iOS 7, and added a lot of great features like:

  • Search is now always accessible at the top of the Categories tab and each main category (Logins, Secure Notes, etc.)
  • Sharing menu is now a good iOS 7 citizen
  • Multiple Dropbox accounts
  • One AutoFill to rule them all
  • Awesome Little Circular Progress Indicator in 1Browser
  • 1Password is now 34% smaller
  • Persistent PIN code

If you would like to learn more about this update then make sure to view the detailed update description of 1Password on the AppStore.