How to fix Documents & Data Sync problem in iCloud in iOS 7 ➣

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For those of you who don’t know, apple introduced Documents & Data sync in iCloud to help people sync they data between iOS devices, and the ability to sync Keyboard Shortcuts that you have created between your iOS devices.

Keyboard shortcuts help people write for example omw and it automatically convert it to On my way!.

I use this feature a lot and it’s important to me to keep these shortcuts synced between my iOS devices, but lately I did a factory reset to my iPad and somehow I ended up breaking the syncing feature for Documents & Data on iCloud.

It sucks let me tell you that.

I thought I had to write all my shortcuts again bcuz I have a lot of them, but I’m glad I still have a copy of them on my iPhone, but still setting them up is a pain in the ass.

But I didn’t want to accept defeat to Apple’s iCloud problem, so I used my secret weapon … Google!!!

I just did a simple search on google about this problem, and I saw an apple discussion where people were talking about the same issue and one of the members but a link to the iA Writer app support page, where the developer talked about this issue and put couple of fixes to help users fix it, the solution that worked for me was resetting all the settings on both of my iOS devices.

So if you ran into the same problem, make sure to try one of these solution and I’m sure it will be fixed.