Interviewly, Reddit's AmA Re-Imagined!

Interviewly, Reddit's AmA Re-Imagined! ➣

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Let’s start from the beginning and explain what is Reddit.

Reddit is a  social networking service and news website, where users can submit links, photos, and videos and other people can vote on them (UP) or (DOWN).

Reddit is divided into Subreddit, Subreddit are based on interests for example there’s a subreddit for /r/Pics there’s one for /r/gaming and for /r/news and many many more.

One of these Subreddit’s called /r/IAmA where people with a truly interesting and unique event come into Reddit and answer questions asked by other Reddit users, there’s a lot of popular AmA’s on Reddit and here’s the top 3:

If you took a look at the threads you will see how the design is a little bit confusing for people new to Reddit, specially when you are really interested in reading these questions and answers but its a bit hard for you, with all the votes and jokes and comments.

That’s when Interviewly come to the rescue and give you a clean look at the AmA to read it in a nicely designed page that make you feel like you are reading a long article.

Here’s an example of Matt Damon’s AmA on Reddit and on Interviewly

Interviewly is created by Dan Drabik[


 Reddit is great, but the format isn’t conducive to interviews (so AMA’s end up a bit ugly and hard to follow). I’ve cleaned them up a bit, added photos, ordered the questions chronologically, and broken them into categories. For now, I’ve focused on the interviews of well-known people, but that may expand in the future.

Interviewly is organized by categories which make it easy for you to navigate through the website and find an AMA that you would like to read, and here’s the categories:

Whether you are a Reddit user or just a person who are interested in some of the people who made an AmA, i think that you should check Intreviewly.