1Password App Extension for iOS 8 apps ➣

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David Chartier the co-founder of AgileBits who are behind 1Password just introduced the new 1Password App Extension for iOS 8 that you can see in the video below.

Throughout history, the greats have always sought a “holy grail.” The Dude really wanted that new rug. Indiana Jones searched for… well, the Holy Grail. Today, we’re happy to say we built our holy grail: automatic 1Password Logins right in iOS 8 apps.

Just like I said on twitter, this is a game changer for users and developers on iOS, it makes logging in to your accounts and apps way much easier, and app developers should seriously start implementing this feature for the upcoming update for iOS.

1Password is the best password managment app out there for all platform, and if you are not a user, then you should think again and consider buying the app or you will find yourself one day wondering what went wrong when one of your accounts got hacked due to a lame password…password.