Migrating from WordPress to Ghost ➣

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Alex Knight from Zero Distraction talking about his experience Migrating from WordPress to Ghost:

Ghost is still very early days, and thus lacks some features you may have taken for granted in other platforms. For example, there’s no built-in archive or search, nor is there any way to do link blogging.

After Alex posted his article, I decided to check Ghost Platform again, and I was tempted to go back there. It cost $5 a month, so it’s half the price that I pay now for my Shared Hosting with DreamHost but there’s a couple of things that I didn’t like about Ghost that made me cancel that idea:

  1. No iOS App
  2. No Linkblogging
  3. Articles on the main page show small excerpt (I don’t think you can change that)

All of this and maybe even more if I dug deeper are things that make me want to stay with WordPress.

Hopefully in the future, if Ghost developers started making Plugins and more hacks to the platform, then maybe I will change my mind about it.