Mr. Reader Version 3.1 is available now! ➣

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Mr. Reader, THE BEST RSS READER FOR THE iPad received a huge update making it even a better RSS reader for your daily dose of news.

I’m not sure if you know this, but Mr. Reader is known for implementing new RSS services the second they get released, and this time Oliver Fürniß has done it again, he was so fast in adding the new RSS service Feedja that the service itself is not ready yet for public.

There’s a lot of great new features and here’s few of my favorite:

  • Feedja added as an additional RSS sync service
  • Write and execute scripts written in JavaScript
  • Added a ‘Desktop Mode’ option to the settings
  • Support for the special ‘Must Read’ folder
  • HTTPS can be enabled for all API calls in the account settings

For more detailed information Please visit Mr. Reader website