Mute Social, mute the unwanted topics on Tweetbot. ➣

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Mute Social is a website made by Nick Quinlan, It allows you to add an unwanted topic/topics to your muted list in Tweetbot with one click.

The idea behind Mute Social is to help you clean your Tweetbot timeline from unwanted topics or bulky tweets.

The website have a list of popular subject that everyone talk about on Twitter, and they will be history after you add the ones you don’t wanna see to your muted keywords list, or if a person uses a lot of hashtags in his/her tweets, this simple solution will help you clean that up.

Just visit the site, add the things that you don’t want to see anymore on your Tweetbot timeline and it will be clean and full of tweets that you wanna read.

If you are a Tweetbot user, then this is a very important website for you.