Permanence ➣

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Matt Gemmell talking about preserving his digital legacy after death:

I’d like to be able to buy, for example, web hosting for years in advance, with a clause that they must keep everything available on a new host even if their own business vanishes.

I think that is a great idea, and someone should really start thinking about creating such a service that will allow us to keep our unique work alive for generations to come.

People solved this problem long time ago with books, we read them to know how other people used to think, and how they lived their life and the creative things they did when they were alive, but now in our digital world there’s no straight forward solution, and thats what Matt said:

We’ve all lost old files (or new ones). I’ve had web sites that are now completely gone from the internet. I have years of chat logs that are locked up in formats I can no longer read. I even have boxes of Zip and floppy disks somewhere, as well as aged recordable CDs that probably aren’t fairing too well. That’s the reality of digital data: sometimes it degrades, but usually the technological ecosystem moves on around it, leaving it isolated and inaccessible.

At this time, there’s no solution for this, each company is making their own solution that is different from the other, they are not connected and not easy to use sometime, and that’s why not a lot of people use them or even heard of them before.

One thing Matt didn’t talk about which is Passwords, What will happen to them after you pass away?

Well luckily, the people at PasswordBox came up with a great solution for this problem, and its called Legacy Locker.

What this feature allow you to do, is to give a trusted family member an access to all your password that you saved on PasswordBox after you pass away, it’s great feature to be honest.

You can sign up to PasswordBox, and give this feature a try…not that I want you to kill yourself, no no no, I mean just set it up, that’s it.

Until someone come up with a great complete solution to preserve our work after death, make sure to read Matt’s great article to see what he will do to preserve his digital legacy.