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it became obvious we’d made a huge mistake.

We’re going to be returning to just one, universal version of Clear for iOS, with the original version of Clear gaining iPad support.

Ok, so this happened today, and I believe that now even more people are confused Bcuz of this.

I’m just happy I didn’t buy the new app and kept using the old one.

And it’s weird that we didn’t see Tweetbot or Reeder do the same thing.

They did a bold move by moving to the new version and deleting the old one, well except for Tweetbot Bcuz they still have the old version in the App Store.

But they did charge people again for the new app, which I think it’s fair since it’s completely new app.

Back to clear, I’m curious on why they did this, did they felt like they are losing customers or money, or they got a lot of angry messages…that will always be mystery.