Syndication and Theft ➣

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Ben Brooks:

if you get a popular post two things will happen:

  1. You will get those annoying emails Matt references.
  2. Someone will outright steal your content and post it on their site.

The second thing happened to me once, when “someone” stole one my article, just copy and paste, no questions asked.

I wrote an article about it ( Content Scrapping )

What’s different about Ben’s story, is the kind of actions he took regarding this issue:

I send off a terse email. Usually saying: “Whether intentional or not, you’ve stolen my work. You need to remove it immediately, and if you do not remove it I will pursue full legal action, starting with a cease and desist from my attorney. This matter is urgent.”

That scares off most people, and (surprisingly) slimy sites like Business Insider will quickly comply, but work to secure rights to your post. Just be firm and tell them to fuck off.

I wasn’t surprised to see Business Insider mentioned in his article, i remember Marco also wrote about how they scrap people’s content in his article ( A Business Insider retrospective )

This is really annoying, especially when the site that you are having problem with feels like its being run by robots, and their only job is to copy and paste, so if you decided to send them an email regarding your content that they copied, you will get no response what so ever.