WordPress Security Checklist by Clef and BruteProtect

WordPress Security Checklist by Clef and BruteProtect ➣

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Clef and BruteProtect have put together this WordPress Security Checklist to help you ensure you’re following best practices when you deploy your site. Follow along and be safe!

I guess I couldn’t leave Clef alone for more than a week, and I felt the need to write another article about it.

This time it’s about things that you can do yourself to protect your site and do it while having the Clef plugin installed and running.

I’ve been using Clef for quite a while now, and I saw only amazing things from it.

And thanks to Clef and BruteProtect I’m able to protect my site even more with this amazing list.

I absolutely encourage everyone who use WordPress as there blogging platform to check it out and do everything in it one by one to give your site maximum security.