Authy Deprecating It's WordPress Plugin

Authy Deprecating It's WordPress Plugin

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In a surprise announcement by the head of Product for Account Security at Twilio and the previous founder of Clef, B Byrne said on January 12th, 2018, that Authy Deprecating It’s WordPress Plugin.

Authy plugin for WordPress allowed you to enable Two-factor authentication on your WordPress site. It’s a product close to my heart since I wrote multiple articles about it and a complete review.


This decision has been a hard one, and a long time coming. It’s been a pleasure working for—and with—the WordPress community and we’ve found incredibly passionate users there who have helped us make our product better. However, as we’ve grown, we haven’t been able to give the plugin the attention that it deserves and we know that our first duty is to make sure that we don’t do anything which would put our customers in danger. Creating and maintaining a great security plugin requires focus. And we just have not been able to give the Authy WordPress Plugin that same level of focus anymore.

B Byrne Head of Product for Account Security at Twilio

Authy was acquired by Twilio back on February 24th, 2015, and Clef was acquired by Twilio on March 9th, 2017.

If you are looking for an alternative at the moment, then I recommend giving Keyy a shot. It’s an alternative for Clef which adds Two Factor Authentication to your WordPress site.