Byword for iOS updated to version 2.2

Byword for iOS updated to version 2.2

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Byword for iOS from the guys at Metaclassy, one of my favorite apps to write my articles in – received a very important update.

Now you can use your local photos on your iOS device and insert them into your article, and then they will get uploaded when you publish the article using the app Publish Feature.

Here’s the full update note:

  • Insert local images — Choose images from Clipboard, Photo Library, iCloud and Dropbox using the image reference button in the Markdown accessory toolbar.

    When choosing to insert an image from Dropbox and iCloud, Byword lists existing images in the browsed folder, then inserts a relative path to the image in the document. In the case of choosing to insert an image from the Photo Library, Byword will copy the image to the document’s directory, and upload it so it can be available in other devices.

  • Upload images to WordPress — Byword now detects local image references before publishing to a WordPress blog, and lets you upload them so they can be published together with the text content.

  • Open in… for exported PDF documents — You can use the Share… option to send exported PDF documents to other apps that accept them.

  • Bug fixes and improvements include improved Dropbox offline mode, better performance and reduced memory usage.

If you use WordPress then Byword is the solution for you to continue blogging from you iOS Device.

If you don’t already have Byword for iOS then you can buy it from the AppStore for $4.99