Chris Ziegler Was Leading a Double Life at the Verge and Apple

Chris Ziegler Was Leading a Double Life at the Verge and Apple

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It’s not every day that I write something about another news site, but this time, it’s different and the news is shocking and strange at the same time.

Chris Ziegler aka @zpower one of the founding members of The Verge accepted a job at Apple without letting anyone know for the past two months according to a note from Nilay Patel, EIC of The Verge.

In the note, Nilay said that Lockhart Steele, the Editorial Director over at Vox Media made a thorough review of emails, Slack conversations, and even login histories belonging to The Verge and Vox Media employee who worked with Chris to “determine if that conflict of interest had manifested itself in any of our coverage or affected any of our editorial decisions”. Because since July, Chris was working for both The Verge and Apple at the same time.

The question that remains unanswered is how the hell did Apple allow him to work with them while he had his job at The Verge?

According to Gruber‘s “several little birdies”, Ziegler isn’t listed in Apple’s directory, which indicates one of two things:

  1. Chris joined Apple under a different name.
  2. Chris has already been fired from Apple.

I would really like to see how Apple is going to handle this, and what they have to say about this.