Firefox Adds Pocket as a Built-In Extension

Firefox Adds Pocket as a Built-In Extension

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Mozilla announced that the new version of their web browser Firefox will be shipped with Pocket Extension built right in.

Pocket has been for a long time a great place for me to collect articles photos and any kind of links in general that I want to look at later.

With this move, Pocket is guaranteed to be seen by more than half a billion users world wide.

Here’s what Nate Founder and CEO of Pocket said:

 I’m excited to officially announce we’ve partnered with Mozilla to bring Pocket to the Firefox browser, meaning anyone with a Firefox browser can both quickly save and easily view the content they care about, anytime they’d like. This makes Firefox the first browser to deliver a universally accessible save-for-later experience. In short, this is big news.

And here’s what Mozilla said:

 Today, we’re adding a new feature to Firefox Hello and a new integration with Pocket, the popular save-for-later service. Pocket started as a popular Firefox Add-on and is now a service in Firefox Accounts that helps you save all the articles, videos and websites that you want to read or watch later, all in one place. Pocket is available in Firefox Accounts in U.S. English, German, Japanese, Russian and European Spanish while we continue to add support for more languages and features.

The extension will be pre-installed and customers will be able to save articles for later as soon as they start browsing the web on Firefox. And people who don’t want to use it, they can just delete it.