LastPass Introduce Auto-Password Change Feature

LastPass Introduce Auto-Password Change Feature

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Minutes after Dashlane announced it’s new Password Changer feautre that allow users to change passwords automatically, LastPass also introduced a similar feature which is called Auto-Password Change.

We’re excited to announce that the Auto-Password Change feature we released to our Pre-Build Team last week is now available for all users in beta. LastPass can now change passwords for you, automatically. We’re releasing this feature for free to all our users, on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (starting with version 3.1.70).

According to LastPass, this new feature is supported by 75 websites and more should be coming soon.

LastPass Auto-Password Change

My guess is that LastPass was holding on to this feature for couple more days, but when Dashlane released theirs, they decided to bite the bullet and announce it too.

Both companies say that the reason for making this feature is to help people change their passwords in a fast way in case of a security breach, both used Heartbleed as an example. ((If you don’t know what Heartbleed then make sure to read this article I wrote a while back.))

There’s no words whether this new feature from LastPass will work with accounts that have Two-Factor Authentication or Security Questions enabled.

I’ve reached out to LastPass for a comment regarding this and will update as soon as I get an answer.

**Update DEC, Wed 10: **I Received an email from Amber Gott the Marketing Manager of LastPass and she said:

Currently accounts with Two-Factor Authentication and Security Questions enabled are not supported, but this is on our roadmap to support in the future. LastPass users can use the standard password generator workflow to replace passwords on those sites.