Microsoft Acquire Calendar App Sunrise for $100 Million

Microsoft Acquire Calendar App Sunrise for $100 Million

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Microsoft seems to be hungry for some apps lately and doesn’t care about spending their money left or right.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, Microsoft is acquiring the Calendar App Sunrise. This acquisition is the 3rd this year and it costed Microsoft $100 million.

Sunrise is a cross-platform calendar app that is available for desktop and mobile. It allow users to connect to their favorite calendar service from Google Calendar, iCloud calendar to Microsoft Exchange.

Don’t forget that Microsoft recently released their updated/brand new Outlook app for both iOS and Android, the latest update came to exist all thanks to the acquisition that Microsoft made back in December 2, 2014 when they acquired the mobile email app Acompli for a non-disclosed amount.

Another notable acquisition from last year is the acquisition of Mojang the makers of Minecraft.

Sunrise started as an iPhone-only Calendar Application back in February 19, 2013, and recently in July 2014, Sunrise announced it had raised $6 million Series A from Balderton Capital.

So basically Microsoft is trying to set its foot in both the iOS and Android market by acquiring every good app that they can’t build themselves and by fixing everything wrong that they’ve done in the past, which include their countless effort to win more Windows users which they failed to do so with the release of Windows 8 and 8.1, and now they are coming back “stronger than ever” with Windows 10 that finally brought back the Start Menu that we all know and love.

This could be a big win to Microsoft if they did it right, and by right I mean if they didn’t kill the app or mess it up in any way. According to Ryan Lawler from TechCrunch Microsoft won’t kill Sunrise but instead “Microsoft will keep the Sunrise apps alive as stand-alone products, while using some of the startup’s technology for its own future products.”