Pocket Adds Text to speech feature on iOS

Pocket Adds Text to speech feature on iOS

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Most of the time when i’m out of the house, I don’t have an internet connection with me, so I have two ways of entertaining my self:

  1. Spotify Premium: this is my #1 option for entertainment when i’m out of the house, I open my Starred playlist and let the Metal begin flooding inside my brain.
  2. Pocket Cast: When I get so busy and I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of technology news, I fireup this bad boy, and listen only to the titles that seems intriguing.

Now I think I’m going to add a new option to entertain my self while I’m out with no Internet. That app is Pocket with it’s brand new Text-to-Speech feature that will allow me to listen to all the articles that I saved on it while I’m out.

Pocket iOS TTS

In this last update, the Pocket team made a great job adding TTS feature to their app which is something Pocket user on Android had enjoyed for years ((But let’s face it, It’s not Siri’s voice)), and now it’s our time.

For the past few weeks now, I’ve been testing this version of the app, and let me tell you that its awesome. I use Pocket a lot to the point were each year I get an email from them telling me that ‘I made it to this year’s Top 5% of readers on Pocket!.’

I consume a lot of articles, long and short, I just try to find the slightest break and take advantage of it by opening Twitter, scroll through the news, anything interesting goes immediately to my Pocket list.

And at night or in the morning, Pocket is always ready for me with all the news that I know for sure I want to read.

Now with today’s update, this is about to change, since you don’t have to read anymore, because from now on you have the option to tell Pocket to read for you.for you.

Pocket version 5.6.7 is out now on the App Store and you should update to it now to take advantage of this great new feature.

To learn more about this update, head over to the Pocket Blog.